The ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Will Pretend the Series Finale Never Happened

The ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Will Pretend the Series Finale Never Happened

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When Will & Grace ended, the series finale skipped ahead into different moments of the duo’s relationship to find they moved on without each other. After 20 years of basically no relationship, the pair finally reconcile as they move their children into the same dormitory floor. The kids get married, and the episode ends with the four friends at a bar together.

Since news broke that the series will be returning this fall to NBC, many speculated how producers will continue a story that had a very developed and definite ending.

Turns out, they are ignoring it all together.

Vulture reports:

So the writers of this fall’s Will & Grace revival have decided to pretend that that finale never happened. When the series returns, Will and Grace will still be single and living in together in their New York apartment, while Jack will still be across the hall, and Karen will live at her mansion.

“We frankly did not want to seem them being either good parents or bad parents,” creator David Kohan told EW of the decision to cut out Will and Grace’s families.

“We wanted them to be Will and Grace.”

Perhaps we’ll still see some reference to that finale as a dream sequence or shared delusion, because nobody in New York has a chance of escaping their somewhat toxic relationships with their close friends and settling down into stable romantic relationships anyway.

Many commenters agree that this is a great move, but others disagree stating it creates a problematic status quo.

One writes: “Not wild about the precedent this is either setting or continuing: An ending doesn’t mean an ending, if the stars/writers/creators get bored years later and want to revisit it.”

We kind of agree. It’s like that moment in Funny Games when Michael Haenke’s character takes the remote and messes the audience’s perspective of reality. Maybe series producers will now ask before they write any series finale: what if we want to come back in 10 years?

Finale or no finale – we’re just happy Will, Grace, Karen and Jack are returning to our television sets this fall.

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