Will Sex Dolls Finally Put An End To Human Interaction?

Will Sex Dolls Finally Put An End To Human Interaction?

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Denise truly is an uncanny lover. She can blink, move her head and converse with you, but she also has no heart, no pulse and her body is made of plastic. In a real life Lars and the Real Girl situation, the sex doll company RealDoll has created a sex doll that also talks — but are they any match for a human sexual partner?

The project, which inventor Matt McMullen is calling Realbotix, strives to animate the doll in baby steps. The dolls bodies won’t move (they’re posable) but their mouths will move and their eyes will blink. McMullen is also working on creating a mobile app that will act as a virtual companion to the doll so that users can keep communicating with the doll even when they’re apart.

McMullen has been in the sex doll industry for nearly 20 years and claims to have sold over 5,000 customizable dolls since 1996. With customizable dolls, customers can choose hair and eye color, body type and, in some cases, the appearance of the doll’s toes. RealDoll’s prices range from $5,000 to $10,000 making the non-animated dolls a million dollar venture.

Once the Realbotix dolls hit the stands, McMullen estimates the prices will range from $30,000 to $60,000 for a complete doll, but as an alternative, the heads of the Realbotix dolls can be sold separately for $10,000 dollars. So if anyone out there is just interested in buying their current sex doll a new head, there you go.

With sex-dolls, becoming increasingly lifelike, the blog Transhumanity predicts that robots will be indistinguishable from actual humans by the year 2050 and that the increased number of orgasms could help humans lead happier, healthier lives. But it’s doubtful that robots will ever replace the benefits gained from human sex and interaction. Many psychologists believe that that arguments and stress that occur in human relationships are healthy and teach people a lot about growth, maturity and emotional dynamics. Thus, the idea of having a sexual and romantic partner without any stress, drama or disagreement is admittedly ideal, but may result in emotionally stunting the human partner.

Though McMullen claims the purpose of these dolls is to not replace real people but just to make lifelike dolls there have been instances where people fall in love with their sex dolls. Back in 1998, a Michigan man married — obviously not legally — his sex doll. He also brought a mistress (a second sex doll) into their relationship in 2012.

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