Willam Throws Major Shade at Courtney Act With a Speechless Alaska Sitting in Front of Her

Willam Throws Major Shade at Courtney Act With a Speechless Alaska Sitting in Front of Her

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On the latest episode of her show Suck Less on Fullscreen TV, Willam sits down with fellow AAA Girls member Alaska Thunderfuck to talk trash about the member of their group not present. What comes up is the fact that Willam is apparently not a fan of Courtney Act, saying she “fucking hates her” and that “she’s a bitch.”

“Imagine we were in a girl group, and I hated one of the other fucking girls in it … not you,” Willam says. “Imagine that … and then she just sits there and does this [twirls hair] … That’s nooch. Oh my god, you’re doing it. That’s crazy.”

We’re not sure what “nooch” is (neutral?) or even if we are spelling “nooch” right, but yeah, let’s move on.

Alaska, the usually level-headed person she is, responds to Willam: “I don’t mean to give you nooch, but it’s also like I care about both of you and I think that it’s like, when things happen in written form, it can take on whatever flavor or tone that you want it to. Like, we need to sit down and have a discussion … in person.”

Willam responds, “Or I can sing it: ‘She’s a bitch!’”

Suck Less premiered earlier this summer on Fullscreen. It’s a weekly half-hour call-in show where Willam “throws shade and shows how to slay the game of life in six-inch stilettos.” Joining Belli will be guests from his everyday life, including some of his favorite drag sisters.

Trouble obviously seems to be brewing in AAA Girls paradise, but don’t color us surprised. Currently the group is gearing up for a tour of the United States throughout September and October, but time will tell whether it comes to fruition.

Watch Willam trash-talk Courtney Act here:

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