Willam Opens Up About His Sex Work Past, Reveals He Slept With 8 Republicans at the RNC

Willam Opens Up About His Sex Work Past, Reveals He Slept With 8 Republicans at the RNC

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RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 queen Willam Belli has revealed he worked as an escort when he was 17-years-old. Willam opened up about his past on Katya’s podcast Whimsically Volatile, where he also admitted to sleeping with eight Republicans at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Philadelphia back in 2000. The Willam escort story is pretty jaw-dropping.

Shortly after he was emancipated from his parents at 16, Willam began working with an escort serviced called Premier. The age of consent in Pennsylvania at the time was 16.

“Republican National Convention, the year 2000, Philadelphia: I sucked eight dicks in one day. Two of them in the same hotel,” Willam describes. “You know, why? It’s because I’m green.”

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“It was just like a fun period for me from 17 to 18 where I was a hooker,” he added. “I liked it because being underage I could also say to the guys, ‘Hey, if any of those pictures you took of me for extra money end up on the internet then I’m gonna come after you for child porn.’”

Willam, who labels himself as “mainly an oral girl,” reveals he had around 130 clients where he was paid $120 a client, and kept around $85 of it.


“I fucked maybe eight of them?’ he said. “All the rest were blowjobs. I’m great at giving head.”

Katya, real name Brian McCook, also spoke about his time being paid for sex while working in Boston.

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“He had clearly hired a lot of hookers because because he was very on the level, saying, ‘half an hour massage, half an hour blowjob, $200.’ Deal!” McCook said. “He was a very unattractive man…not a nice person, but the dick was transcendent.”

McCook explains he got completely naked but kept the wig on. “I went to town on that prick’s prick, it was large but not intimidating. It was curved and proportionate to his giant body. It was the most wonderful first-hooking experience ever.”

You can hear the Willam escort story here.

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