Win a Beach Vacation in the Bahamas From ‘Children of God’

Win a Beach Vacation in the Bahamas From ‘Children of God’

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TLA Releasing is sending two sun-seeking travelers to the Bahamas in celebration of the success of their gorgeous, critically acclaimed film, Children of God.

Children of God, the first feature written and directed by Kareem Mortimer, is set on the scintillating shores of the Bahamas, weaving the West Indian culture into a story of hidden homosexuality, fierce anti-gay religious beliefs, and a violently homophobic society.

The film tells the story of the unexpected relationship of a secretly bisexual black musician named Romeo and a vulnerable white artist named Johnny, who is regularly abused by the black Bahamians.

The Caribbean is notorious for their vitriolic stance against gays, so their romance is clumsy and tortured as they cannot let anyone see their truth. The men explore the stunning scenery of the island, as they explore their identity and faith amidst the jagged realities of their situation.

At the same time as one romance is firing, another is cooling down. Lena is married to a virulently homophobic pastor – who also happens to be sleeping with men on the DL. Lena discovers that her husband has given her VD, and rather than accept the blame, he accuses her of infidelities.

Lena ignores the obvious signs of her husband’s own behavior, and continues to rail against homosexuality. She delivers a hateful, cringe-inducing speech about faith, and chastises her son for coming across as gay: “What I tell you about that hand? You don’t want to go to hell, do you?”

The cinematography beautifully reflects the vulnerability of the characters. Each perfectly framed image captures the near-mythical nature of the islands, and really transports you there. Which is exactly why TLA Releasing is sending two lucky travelers to the Bahamas – they realize the power of the film lies also in its location!

Watch the trailer above, and then click over to TLA and submit your name. And if you win, please send us pictures because this film made us want to experience the Bahamas for ourselves!

From TLA:

TLA Releasing – the leader in LGBT cinema – is giving away a free trip to the Bahamas for two in celebration of the award-winning film, Children of God.

The winner will receive two roundtrip tickets for you and one lucky person to the Bahamas courtesy of Bahamas Air. Enjoy a relaxing stay at the Sky Beach Club Resort on the Eleuthera Island. See for yourself the beauty that inspired Director Kareem Mortimer. Explore the pink sand beaches, deep blue waters and the breathtaking views of the island where Children of God was filmed.

Entries will close July 20th, 2011. Only one entry per person.

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