Woman Reveals Why She Outed Anti-Gay Reality Show Star Josh Duggar as a Child Molester

Woman Reveals Why She Outed Anti-Gay Reality Show Star Josh Duggar as a Child Molester

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A woman says she exposed the sexual abuse claims against Josh Duggar to punish the conservative reality show family for their anti-LGBTQ activism.

On a Facebook post shared by Duggar Family News, Sherri Townsend wrote that she told a reporter from In Touch that Josh Duggar had sexually abused several young girls. In Touch then wrote an article on the famous family’s dark secret, which got their TV show canceled and got Josh fired from a job at anti-LGBTQ organization the Family Research Council.

“That was me,” Townsend writes, “and I’m not at all sorry that I did it.”

But she’s not satisfied. After watching a 20/20 report on gay conversion therapy, she writes, “I can see that hateful religious bigotry is still alive and well and that the dangerous hate group, the Family Research Council, has doubled down on promoting their brand of bigotry causing terrible harm to countless people.”

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Before the In Touch article exposed Josh Duggar’s pedophilia, the Duggars enjoyed stardom on their reality TV series 19 Kids and Counting. Conservative Christian groups held up the family as a shining example of traditional family values. The Duggars preached a strict, regressive family structure in which a woman’s purpose is only to cook and produce offspring for her male overlords and homosexuality is forbidden. And through it all, they were covering up their beloved son’s history of child molestation.


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