Women Are Selling Their Panties Online. Who’s Buying?

Women Are Selling Their Panties Online. Who’s Buying?

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Women have so much to offer and some of those things are their dirty, used panties. A real-life Orange is the New Black situation is popping up in the form of men buying used panties from women. It’s all the rage in Japan and now online marketplaces in America are milking the idea. Women are selling their panties through multiple online channels including Reddit and Craigslist in order to make money by, virtually, doing what they do anyway; wearing their underwear.

“Veronica Vixen” started selling her panties, with the help of her boyfriend Paul, on Craigslist when she lost her job. Her boyfriend, Paul, started SellYourPanties.com a few years ago after reading about Japan’s panty vending machines. Paul, and his friends, figured out how they could move Japan’s business model online. Paul says that 60 percent of his customers are under 40 and 92 percent are men. Paul also says that some of the 8 percent of his female customers are also sellers on the site.

Paul also inquires as to why people are buying used panties; he’s found that 31 percent masturbate with them, 30 percent smell them, 13 percent wear them, 12 percent put them in a drawer, 8 percent lick them, 5 percent just look at them, and 1 percent wash them and wear them. The panties feature nearly every bodily fluid imaginable with some special requests from buyers for EXTREMELY soiled panties.

The average pair of panties on the site sells for $28 dollars and the most successful sellers make between $2,300 and $3,300 dollars a month. Although, selling panties is a side job for most of the women, Paul says they are invested because they feel like they’re in relationships with the buyers. It’s more than selling panties, these transactions have become relationships.

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