This Fake Feminist Front Is Secretly Run by Transphobic Conservatives

This Fake Feminist Front Is Secretly Run by Transphobic Conservatives

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The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) claims to be a radical feminist activist group, but it looks like they’re actually run by transphobic conservatives.

Anti-Trans Activism

There are still many problems facing women today, like economic inequality, sexual violence and domestic violence. So why does WoLF mainly focus on hurting trans women?

Their website lists the group’s past and future political actions. There are a few general ones—participation in the Women’s March and vague support for Roe v. Wade.

But the overwhelming majority of WoLF’s actions are concerned with fighting trans rights. They filed a suit against the Obama administration for his support of transgender Americans. They attended a conference in London to discuss “how gender identity politics harm women and girls.” They presented a panel at the 2016 Left Forum about how gender identity is a tool of male supremacy.

But the group is pretty quiet when it comes to things like birth control, abortion, poverty, reproductive healthcare, parental leave, rape and many other serious problems facing women today.

Republican Ties

WoLF is hostile to trans groups, but they’re really cozy with Republicans — you know, the party that wants to kill Planned Parenthood and leave millions of low-income women without access to birth control.

The group is extremely friendly with right-wing media. They appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show. A few of their members took part in an anti-trans panel called “Biology Isn’t Bigotry” hosted by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation.

WoLF takes funding from right-wingers, too. LGBTQ Nation points out that WoLF board member Kara Dansky received a $15,000 grant from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a right-wing evangelical Christian law firm that fights marriage equality and even wants homosexuality criminalized.

WoLF also receives funding via Imperial Independent Media, a right-wing propaganda outlet run by Zachary Freeman, a man who sued a fetal tissue clinic in the hopes of getting the employees’ names and home addresses in order to turn them over to angry anti-abortion activists (you know, the kind of people who shoot up Planned Parenthood clinics). He doesn’t sound like much of a feminist ally.

And WoLF’s suit against trans rights activist Gavin Grimm‘s Title IX battle was a collaboration with the Family Policy Alliance, a religious organization that opposes same-sex marriage and birth control.

A few LGBTQ publications have noticed WoLF’s shady relationships with homophobic, misogynistic right-wingers. In response, WoLF posted a vague statement on their website claiming to be victims of “digital hate-stalking.” They also call their critics’ accusations of collusion with right-wingers “purely sexist.”


This is all part of an ongoing right-wing strategy to use fake concern for women to justify the mistreatment of marginalized people. The transphobic conservatives who say they’re only trying to protect girls from sexual violence roll their eyes at the concept of rape culture. The Islamophobic conservatives who say they dislike Muslims for being misogynistic are rarely supporters of feminist causes like sexual freedom, workplace equality or informed consent.

The Women’s Liberation Front is just another version of this ongoing hate campaign. They might look like feminists, but they’re just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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