ben chapman standing next to jackie robinson
ben chapman standing next to jackie robinson

Womp, Womp! Racist High School Baseball Player Loses Scholarship For Racism

Some moments in life can only be celebrated by Edd Kalehoff‘s fantastic music from The Price Is Right — and some fails, by The Price Is Right losing horns.

Today’s fail: ABC News reports that after being caught on tape referring to a black family as “fucking [unpleasant racial slur beginning with the letter N]”, Pinole Valley High School’s star baseball player has lost his college scholarship. The incident occurred after a baseball game last Wednesday, when the player called the family of an opposing team member the awful name.

The video was shared among other students and their parents… and word made its way back to California State University Northridge. The school who had previously offered the budding young racist a scholarship, and a school where this upstanding fellow had signed a letter of intent, has rescinded its offer.

At least he’s learned a valuable lesson about not being a huge bag of dicks.

For being a racist asshole who lost out on a whole pile of money for being a racist asshole, you, Unnamed Pinole Valley High Student, receive Unicorn Booty’s prestigious award of the LOSING HORNS OF THE DAY.

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