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World’s First Nosejob?

World’s First Nosejob?

Written by Kevin Farrell on November 07, 2019
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A book published in 1597 by Gaspare Tagliacozzi is making the gay blog world tour this week. In the tome, Taglaicozzi, an anatomy professor at the University of Bologna (The namesake from which we derive a meat product made with a plethora of anatomical parts!) instructs how to perform 16th century rhinoplasty. Fun!

“The patient’s nose was attached to a flap of skin from his upper arm. In one plate, the patient is seen in bed with his forearm attached to his head and a flap of skin from his bicep region stuck onto his nose,” writes TYWKIWDBI. Not so fun after all.

We’ve yet to see Dr. 90210 show patients suffering through three weeks of their bicep being stitched to their face. Hardcore!

Would you power through it for a new nose?

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