How Worried Should We Be About Hillary’s Health?

How Worried Should We Be About Hillary’s Health?

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So is Hillary Clinton dying of pneumonia or what? Well, there’s no cause for alarm — at least not yet. Despite a bit of a scare this week, she’s in good shape.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Fox News crackpots from deciding they know that’s going on more than her own doctor.

“This is much deeper than pneumonia,” said Ed Klein, a gossip columnist with no medical training. Klein claims that Bill Clinton has been begging his wife for year to go to a hospital for a full checkup, and she’s refused. As evidence for this assertion, Klein offered… nothing.

The craziest theory to come from Trump supporters is that Hillary is still sick, and a body double is standing in for her. That’s ludicrous, according to Hillary’s best-known impersonator, Teresa Barnwell. Barnwell was in Los Angeles taping a TV show when she is alleged to have been posing as Hillary in New York, but that certainly didn’t stop cranks from spinning wild conspiracy theories about her.

That comes in contrast to observations made by Hillary’s actual doctor, a medical professional who has actually performed an exam. The campaign released a two-page doctor’s note that acknowledged her recent bout of pneumonia and said that her recovery has left her “fit to serve as president.”

And it’s worth pointing out that many hardworking Americans deal with similar health issues all the time. Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked through multiple cancers, never missing a day during chemo. Bob Dole ran for president despite being paralyzed during World War II. Nixon had a staph infection during his campaign, and who knows what other disgusting micro-organisms all over his hands. And Dick Cheney had four heart attacks before he was vice president.

So Hillary’s illness isn’t anything unusual, and whether she fainted or just felt weak, there’s nothing to suggest she’s experienced anything that would lead to health problems down the road. She did experience a blood clot following a concussion, but her doctor says that it caused no lasting damage, neurological or otherwise.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has given the public virtually no information about his health. He granted one short interview to Dr. Oz, a TV personality who asked him polite questions about his feelings. Trump provided a summary of some health details, though not a full record of anything. The details indicate that he is overweight and has normal cholesterol levels thanks to a drug he needs to take.

But we don’t know what other drugs Trump is taking. And he hasn’t taken a neuro-psych exam, which could explain his erratic behavior with a diagnosis of a personality disorder.

Either way, Hillary seems to be doing just fine — in fact, she is in remarkably good condition given her age and her exhausting schedule. Three days of rest seem to have helped her recover from pneumonia,  Republicans spent that time suggesting that she’s unable to campaign, but now that she’s back on her feet and as healthy as ever, it’s clear that they had no idea what they were talking about.

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