Would You Buy Luxury Condoms?

Would You Buy Luxury Condoms?

Written by Kevin Farrell on November 07, 2019
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The world’s first luxury condoms are now available from The Original Condom, straight out of gay blog Mecca, Condom, France (Who knew it even existed?). The regal rubbers claim to be “chic and elegant” and are equipped with “French Touch”. We admit, they’ve gotten a rise out of us – we’re totally intrigued.

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Each of these princely prophylactics has its carbon emissions offset, and a portion of all proceeds are donated toward HIV research laboratories and foundations. Better yet, the company is gay-owned and operated by two partnered French aristocrats.

“Condoms protect everyone from diseases. Ours protect from tackiness”, says Count de Bizemont. Hey now!

Each condom sells individually for $2, which is actually a pretty sweet deal for a luxury dong dashiki. A jewelry box-inspired set of 6, meant to be displayed on your nightstand, will set you back $20.

Would you buy luxury condoms?

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