Wow. Indiana Republican Actually Blocks Anti-Transgender Bill

Wow. Indiana Republican Actually Blocks Anti-Transgender Bill

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Republican State Representative Cindy Kirchhofer of Indiana recently refused to hear a bill that would have disallowed transgender citizens from changing the gender markers on their IDs. According to, “[Kirchhofer] said she was focused instead on addressing the state’s opioid and heroin epidemic.” Her move blocks the bill for now.

The bill had been introduced by Republican Representative Bruce Borders; he claimed that the legislation was inspired by his respect of “accuracy in all legal records.” Chris Paulsen, campaign manager of Freedom Indiana, called Borders’ proposed legislation, “a mean-spirited bill that will make Indiana seem less welcoming once again.”

Last year, Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), a law whose sole purpose was to let religious business owners discriminate against hiring or serving LGBT people. After several days of pressure from businesses and activists, the state passed additional legislation to scale back most of the law.

Kirchhofer voted against the RFRA.

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