WTF?!? Colorado Valedictorian’s Speech Dropped Because He Was Going To Come Out

WTF?!? Colorado Valedictorian’s Speech Dropped Because He Was Going To Come Out

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It’s graduation season again! Typically a time of joy, relief and creeping dread about entering the real world, one Colorado principal decided to ruin one grad’s ceremony.

Evan Young was going to be the valedictorian of Twin Peaks Charter Academy High. The 18-year-old has a scholarship to Rutgers and a 4.5 grade point average. Pretty impressive, right? The normal top GPA is 4.0… so this kid’s better than perfect.

The problem? Young was planning to use his speech to come out of the closet. (And good for him!) Unfortunately, his principal, BJ Buchmann, handled it like a total b-hole. Perhaps upset about his hilarious first name, when Buchmann read the speech, he called Young’s parents and outed him.

Don Young, Evan’s dad, said: “He’s Evan, you know?He’s never really expressed interest in either (boys or girls). He’s just a teenager. … But we had no indication beforehand.”

Buchmann didn’t stop there, though. Thwarted by Young’s parents not being as openly terrible as he is, Buchmann decided that not only would Young not get to deliver his speech, but the ceremony was scrubbed of any mention of Evan Young being valedictorian at all. Luckily, Buchmann’s jerkiness backfired. Because of his censorship, the world now knows about Evan, and Democracy Now! even recorded and broadcast the speech he was going to give:

That’s one nice thing about folks trying to stomp good people down… the good people often end up getting a bigger platform than they would have had otherwise. And in this case, two people were outed. One as a super cool gay kid, one as a close-minded ‘phobe.

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