WTF: Hillary Just PRAISED Nancy Reagan’s AIDS ‘Advocacy’

WTF: Hillary Just PRAISED Nancy Reagan’s AIDS ‘Advocacy’

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Today, they’re finally putting Nancy Reagan in the dirt. In in commemoration, Hillary Clinton just praised the former First Lady’s AIDS activism. Uhhhhh, what??:

That’s right! Clinton said:

We’re forced to remember how difficult it was to talk about HIV/AIDS back in the 1980s. And because of both President and Mrs. Reagan, in particular Mrs. Reagan, we started a national conversation when before no one would talk about it, no one wanted to do anything about it. And, that too, is something I really appreciate — her very effective, low-key advocacy but it penetrated the public conscience, and people began to say “we need to do something about this too.”

Either Hillary is misremembering her history, or she’s a master of the deadpan wit. Lest we forget, Ronald Reagan thought AIDS was hilarious — and Nancy Reagan’s “low key advocacy” was perhaps best illustrated by letting her friend, Rock Hudson, die.

With advocacy like that, who needs enemies?

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