WY – The Equality State – Moves To Null Gay Marriages

WY – The Equality State – Moves To Null Gay Marriages

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House Bill 74 was introduced on Thursday to the Wyoming House by sponsor, State Rep. Owen Peterson (R). The Bill seeks to prevent same-sex marriages performed in other states from being recognized in Wyoming, by defining marriage as solely “between a male and a female person”.

This marks the third attempt at passing such a bill. In order to succeed, it will need to pass two additional votes in the House before advancing to the Senate. Both previous attempts were met with defeat in 2007 and 2009, but with newly elected conservatives entering the House, it may very well be welcomed this year.

“This is the civil rights issue of our day,” said state Rep. Cathy Connolly, D-Laramie, the only openly gay Wyoming legislator. “It does not help anyone. It violates our principles of live and let live and our motto of the Equality State.

The Billings Gazette reports:

Frank Peasley, speaking on the House floor Thursday, said he was open to allowing same-sex couples other options besides marriage. “You want to have civil unions? You want to have multiparty contracts with complex marriage relationships? Fine,” he said. “Everything you need to do, do it.”

Multiparty contracts? Complex marriage relationships? Those are OK with you, but not the simple act of marriage already offered by the state? Really?

The good news is that every time a politician or clergyman offers a bizarre soundbite like this, it only serves to further demonstrate the rationality in our quest for equality. We don’t want complex anything, and the only person talking about marrying multiple partners here is you, a self-identified heterosexual man. Peasley is the one who comes off looking ignorant here, not the gay community.

Are you alarmed by the irony in the Equality State denying its citizens equality?

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