Yelp Users Hilariously Mock Indiana’s Anti-Gay Pizza Restaurant

Yelp Users Hilariously Mock Indiana’s Anti-Gay Pizza Restaurant

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Memories Pizza, a restaurant that proudly announced their support of Indiana’s new anti-LGBT “religious freedoms” bill signed into law last week. The family-owned business told their local ABC affiliate that “they have a right to believe in their religion and protect those ideals,” adding, “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no.”

One of the owners continued, “That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?” Riiiiiiiight.

In response, users of the crowd-sourced review site Yelp have been leaving hilarious and scathing reviews on Memories Pizza’s Yelp page. We’ve shared a handful below, our favorite has to be the review left by Adolf Hitler — the ones who mention “manly” sausage and crucifixion crust are pretty great too!

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