Alaska and Bob Team Up to Read the House Down in ‘Yet Another Dig’

Alaska and Bob Team Up to Read the House Down in ‘Yet Another Dig’

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Bob The Drag Queen and Alaska Thunderfuck have teamed up for a new video for their collab “Yet Another Dig.” The freaky film is here just in time for Halloween, as the visuals and reads are terrifically haunting.

Teased on their social media a few weeks ago, the track is a rapper’s delight full of very honest, shocking reads about the other queens, particularly the last winner of Drag Race, Sasha Velour.

Many fans instantly compared the duet between Alaska and Bob to Gaga and Beyoncé, who made two iconic videos together, “Telephone” and “Video Phone.”

One commenter wrote “‘Telephone Pt. 2’ is even better than I ever could have dreamed,” while another said, “‘Telephone’ and ‘Video Phone’ found dead at the bottom of the charts.”

Bob told Cosmo the song was inspired by an online feud between two Drag Race queens. “One of the girls said something online that could be considered shady,” she explains. “Then it became something between Drag Race girls, more of a Drag Race inside joke.”

Alaska’s verse is especially biting, where she raps: “Season 9 girl, Ru just got me. Four challenge wins? Four challenge wins? Then the finale comes, and then the crowned queen is?… It’s not right, but it’s not okay. Who’s after Peppermint? Bitch, not Shea Couleé!”

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Obviously, Alaska is voicing her frustration that after slaying Season 9, Shea Coulee wasn’t crowned as the winner and didn’t even make it into the top 2.

Alaska exclusively explained to us, “After the controversial final episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9, I was clearly feeling some kind of way. At this point, so much time has passed since then that I’m much more concerned about Puerto Rico and North Korea these days. But still, it’s a good song.”

Commenters on YouTube are living for the spooky clip released just in time for Halloween.

“This was absolutely fantastic,” one writes. “Love Bob, love Alaska, love Sasha Velour. It’s all good fun and the song is downright catchy. Who knew Bob would be the best at making music out of all the Ru Girls?”

Jiggly Caliente, Dexter Mayfield, Big Dipper and Luis A.S. (Bob’s Assistant) are also featured in the video.

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