Yet Another School Blocks All LGBT Websites

Yet Another School Blocks All LGBT Websites

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In Prince William County, Virginia, if you are a student trying to gain access to LGBT information, you will be faced with a screen telling you that this content has been blocked. Sites like It Gets Better, the Trevor Project, and the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network are all blocked by the school district’s content filter, which allows them to block sites categorized as ‘pornography,’ ‘illegal drugs,’ or ‘LGBT,’ among others.

Yet, while the students can access no educational resources on LGBT life, the students can access dozens of hateful, anti-gay sites that spout misinformation.

If you are a student, please take a moment to watch the ACLU video below. You can check if your school is blocking certain LGBT websites while allowing certain anti-gay ones, and then get in touch with the ACLU if you find your access to gay resources being limited.

The campaign is called “Don’t Filter Me,” and has already been very active in sending letters to educational institutions around the country.

The ACLU notes that “allowing students equal access to LGBT-related websites is not just a legal duty, it also makes sense from a safety perspective, particularly in light of the epidemic of LGBT youth suicides and bullying.”

Please watch this video and report censorship! At least, report it if you are even able to read this website… :-/

Do schools have the right to filter LGBT content?

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