You’ll Love This “Drag Race” Fan Theory About Bob’s Purse First Curse!

You’ll Love This “Drag Race” Fan Theory About Bob’s Purse First Curse!

Written by Daniel Villarreal on July 27, 2016
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WARNING: This post contains horrible nasty rottenspoilers about the April 25 episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race (“RuPaul Book Ball”). if you haven’t seen it, leave now, dear child!

Anyone who has been following season eight of RuPaul’s Drag Race knows how much we dislike Derrick Barry about Bob the Drag Queen’s “purse first” schtick. It’s simple. He often enters the workroom holding the purse in front of his outstretched arm, as if guiding him, and a few times he has quipped, “Purse first!” as in “Lead with the purse!” It’s cute, but could his purse in fact BE A CURSED OBJECT THAT DETERMINES WHO STAYS SAFE IN THE COMPETITION????!!!????

Sorry, our caps lock got stuck.

Anyway, it’s an outlandish ridiculous theory. OR IS IT????!!!!!! Some Drag Race Tumblr fans took a look at the purse’s magical influence over the winners and losers from several episodes. We’re sure it’s coincidence, but if we were on the show, we’d definitely stay close to the purse so we could get in its good graces.
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