‘YouTube Almost Broke Us Up’: How Not to Let Fame Break Up Your Relationship

‘YouTube Almost Broke Us Up’: How Not to Let Fame Break Up Your Relationship

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Some of our favorite vloggers are YouTube couples. But the part of us that worries about tempting fate — the worry keeps us from getting a tattoo of our latest beau’s name — wonders how they stay together. After all, relationships are hard enough work without telling everyone in the world how in love you both are.

If you’ve wondered about this too, one of our favorite YouTube couples just shared their secrets. Troy and Chase tell us how they stayed together even when the stress of being famous threatened to break them up.


Here’s their video about the challenges of fame for YouTube couples:

1. Don’t make your relationship your job.

As Chase says, “When you start doing YouTube, espeically as a couple, you always pose a risk of your relationship seeming like it’s becoming your job. More of a responsibility than a support system.”

Troy adds, “Once you start growing more, the responsibility of ‘I want to make sure everyone else is happy. I want to put out content. It starts getting to the point where it’s like meh.”

“I feel like it’s really important as an internet couple to take the time away from the responsibility of doing YouTube. Really make sure you give some time to your relationship. Focus on your time outside of YouTube to be like ‘We’re a couple, I love you so much.’ Never ever lose that aspect of sincerity,” Chase says.


2. Be honest with yourselves and your viewers.

Chase explains: “When we first started YouTube we tried to portray ourselves as this couple that never, ever fights.”

“We looked so perfect,” Troy says.

Chase continues: “We wanted to be the perfect gay couple for the people watching. As time went on, we realized people related to us more and liked us better when we were honest about ourselves and our relationship. And the truth about our relationship is that I’m so madly in love with [Troy]. But people do disagree in relationships. It’s not a cakewalk. A relationship is not completely perfect and flawless. Since then, we’ve started to own up to the fact that we bicker sometimes. We have spats because that’s part of having a relationship and growing together.”

As Chase says, this is also good advice for solo YouTubers as well. “Be honest to yourself, be honest to your relationship, and people will like that. People will gravitate towards that. Don’t try to lie your way into a successful relationship portrayed for everyone. You do best when you’re you. The true you.”


3. Always make time for the Macarena.

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Of course, following these tips isn’t a sure thing, but it will certainly help. Troy even says that they almost broke up a few times over disagreements. And though it can be easy to take out your frustrations on the other person in the relationship, it’s a bad idea.

But making good videos is — and should be — a team effort. And honestly, that doesn’t just go for making movies. After all, as the saying goes, many hands make light work. Or, as Chase puts it, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Follow this advice, and you’ll find happiness, not only as one of the many YouTube couples, but, more importantly, in real life.


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