Spotlight on Instagram’s Best Gay Artists: Meet Zachary Brunner

Spotlight on Instagram’s Best Gay Artists: Meet Zachary Brunner

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Instagram has no shortage of dudes posting selfies that show off their sexiest angles. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll also find a plentitude of talented artists using the photo-sharing app to showcase their work. (Their art might also feature dudes showing off their sexiest angles, and we’re not complaining if it does.) But we thought we might profile some of the artists who’ve caught our eye.

First up: Zachary Brunner, an artist who realizes characters from pop culture and fantasy in a way that makes them look gloriously gay, occasionally gory and altogether great.

Brunner, who counts artists as diverse as Sergio Toppi and Guillermo Del Toro as major inspirations, has been drawing his whole life — and has been doing it professionally since 2011. His latest project is Markosia Comics’ Plague, a series that uses European folk tales and the bubonic plague as the background for the church’s war on magical creatures. Brunner says as the series’ artist that he’s been allowed to redesign fantasy creatures both well-known and obscure: “Basically, I got to go wild and have a lot of fun designing monsters, which is a dream job.”

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