The Zakar Twins, Known for Their Racy YouTube Vids, Have a History of On-Camera Dick-Cloning (NSFW)

The Zakar Twins, Known for Their Racy YouTube Vids, Have a History of On-Camera Dick-Cloning (NSFW)

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The gay Iraqi duo of Michael and Zach Zakar (aka the Zakar twins) have unabashedly used their own sexiness to become internet-famous: Their Instagram account is filled with thirst pics of the two hugging and lounging around in revealing undies, their public coming story involved them discovering the other’s homosexuality by fooling around with the same guy, they discussed selling their used underwear on public TV and Zach recently had his nude photos shared online (link NSFW). But earlier this year, two videos were self-published on their YouTube channel that had us standing at attention: the making of a Zakar Twins clone — of their own dicks.

We’re not talking about scientific cloning with a laboratory and stem cells, but rather the guys using a Clone-A-Willy kit to make a dildo casts of their own erect penises.

While that may sound like a fun rainy day project, it’s apparently pretty complicated. It involves a lot of reading, sticking your erect penis into a hot oatmeal-like mixture for 120 seconds and “a sexy helper.” Luckily, the brothers had each other to lend a hand. (No, not like that.)

Even still, it didn’t go so well… hence the guys making more than one Zakar twins clone video.


Here’s the first video where the Zakar twins clone one of their dicks:

The most hilarious part of the first video (apart from the premise) is that you can hear their mother talking in the background as Zachary prepares to stick his penis into 90-degree mush.

Either way, their dildo ended up looking like a melted pine cone.

The Clone-A-Willy company saw their video, shook their heads and told them how to do it correctly. And then…


Here’s the second video where the Zakar twins clone their dicks:

Apparently in their first attempt, the twins used water that was too hot. Their second attempt created a mixture more like smooth pancake batter.

Even still, they kind of messed it up because it’s difficult to maintain an erection alone without direct stimulation for two minutes, so Michael became limp, altering the shape of his dildo into curved slug-like form.

But they ended up selling their dildos to the highest bidder and donated the funds to the LGBTQ youth suicide prevention group The Trevor Project.

We can’t help but wonder if The Trevor Project knew how those funds were raised.

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