費歐娜艾波的聖誕新曲 娛樂


Written by Stephan Horbelt on January 18, 2017
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費歐娜艾波,你也許是對的:「這世界糟透了!」 我們最愛的憤青歌手加歌曲作家最近在她的Tumblr上PO了一首歌,回應了我們無疑地在十一月八日所經歷的世界末日。 她這首歌是改編「聖誕歌」而來的,而我們也比較喜歡她的版本。而且,如果歌中主角不是這麼可怕,這首歌還挺適合佳節應景呢! 以下是改寫後的歌詞: Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire as he keeps nipping at his foes. you’ll cry creepy uncle every time he arrives for he keeps clawing at your clothes everybody knows some money and entitlement can help to make the season white mothers of color with their kids out of sight will find it hard to sleep at night.   They know that truuump is on his way. he’s got black boys in hoodies locked up on his sleigh and every working man is going to cry when they learn that Letch don’t care how you live or if you die   Sooo I’m offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92 although it’s been said many times, many ways Merry Christmas to you Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Donald Trump, fuck you 註:此中文翻譯僅供參考,詳細報導請見原文。

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