Bakery Forced To Close Because of Anti-Gay Attacks

Bakery Forced To Close Because of Anti-Gay Attacks

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Gay Couple HarassedThe Hoon Hay Food Bar is closing for business, y’all. The Australian bakery, owned and operated by partners David and Kym Zelton (Partners partners) has been the subject of anti-gay vandalism, attacks, and harassment.

Customers have been yelled at while entering and exiting, windows have been broken, and the couple’s car and home have been vandalized. It’s become a strain on their relationship, and they are ready to bow out.

The saddest part of the entire affair is the bakery has been targeted by a single family and their friends. They’ve alerted the police about who is doing the damage and served the family with restraining orders, but the harassment continues.

The couple tells GayNZ, “It’s cost us. And it’s actually destroyed us inside. We had to close. We had to close. We had no choice. And now we’ve closed we’re thinking ahead to how we’re going to pay the leftover bills. And that’s the hardest thing at the moment.”

Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Business Association executive member Suzy Lawson said she was “astounded” by the allegations of abuse. “I don’t understand how, in the society we live in today, with the laws we have, how people can still feel uncomfortable.”

Bummer, man! This is the opposite type of story we like to report. Keep your chin up, Kyms. We’re rooting for you!