Become a Community Moderator!


  • Help police the app for any illegal content, fake profiles, inappropriate pics, or public nudity
  • Eliminate trolls disguising as celebrities
  • Make Hornet a safer place to be for your fellow Hornet users and community
  • Earn points and redeem them in our webshop for rewards such as a Hornet Premium subscription!
  • Work your way towards a career with Hornet!


  • Your profile must have a public photo of you where we can see your face.
  • Your profile must be at least 1 month old.
  • You must have submitted at least 25 valid reports of hard violations such as:– Serious photo violations [Image Violation]
    – Underage profiles [Underage]
    – Drug dealers [Commercial Ad]
     Extremely offensive / racist / homophobic comments or profile descriptions [Text Violation]
    Please add in the details of the report the phrase “CM Test”, that way we can review the quality of your reports and accept your application.
  • You should be at least 18 years old (we may ask you to prove your age and identity).
  • No reports logged against you (this can be over-looked if reports look malicious).
  • No violations on your profile (cannot have more than 3 photo rejections; cannot have inappropriate profile text).

It’s easy to join. Just click the button below and you’re on your way!

*Please note that the Hornet Community Moderator Program for Turkey, Russia, and Brazil is currently at maximum capacity and we are not accepting any new Turkish moderators at this time. We thank you for your understanding.