Become a Crypto Geek!

Help us empower the pink economy and help fulfill its full potential!

At Hornet we believe a blockchain-based LGBT Token will help to empower and connect LGBT businesses around the world, will help to establish an economic identity and shared infrastructure, will reduce transaction costs for LGBT community members across all borders, provide protection and support in countries that still suppress LGBT rights and would enable this global economy not only to grow faster, but give back to the community and support LGBT rights globally.

The Crypto Geek program is a way for you to get introduced into the LGBT Token, Foundation and Impact (charity branch) as investor, contributor, collaborator and more. 


  • Get involved in the program’s activities by joining our forum
  • Visit the official page of the LGBT Token to learn more
  • Go through our FAQ to understand what we’re trying to do and why you should become involved

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this not been reviewed by any regulatory authority in any jurisdiction and the offering will not be available in all countries 

We’re Hornet users just like you, and it’s really easy to learn more about the program. Just click on the button below and join the conversation!