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“Featured Users” is one of Hornet’s most popular community programs. As part of this exclusive initiative, these users are featured prominently in the Feed, and their posts (photos and videos) are able to be seen by a much larger audience. What do we look for in a Hornet Featured User? Hornet Featured Users have an interesting perspective on life, and they love to share it with the world through content posted on Hornet. They enjoy engaging with other users, not just through private messages but by liking and commenting on articles, photos and videos. Most importantly, a Featured Users is someone who embodies the values of Hornet, including positivity, kindness, authenticity and local activism. The Hornet Creator Playbook guides Featured Users in how to make the most of their Hornet experience. As a Hornet Featured User, you will:
  • Receive the Hornet Featured User badge
  • Increase your presence on the Hornet feed
  • Share your life and personality with millions of Hornet users
  • Become a Hornet influencer! 
At this time, entry to the Hornet Featured User program is by invite-only, though all Hornet users are encouraged to apply. We have also set up a chat channel where Hornet users are able to discuss their interest in the program, share their ideas, ask questions and interact with other Featured Users. Are you interested in becoming a Featured User? Then start creating engaging content in the app immediately! Here is our official checklist on what goes into creating the type of posts we're looking for on Hornet. The Perfect Post: A Checklist
  • Is it a high-quality photo or video?
  • Did you write a caption that encourages engagement?
  • Does it have a hashtag or two?
  • Does it seem authentic and true to you?
  • Is it sexy without being overtly sexual?
  • Does it keep Hornet users inside the app?
  • Is the post exclusive to a Hornet Audience?
  • Does it come across as friendly?
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