Sport Captain

Community Program


Hornet’s Sport Captain Program is aimed at connecting sport lovers (participants and spectators) both locally and around the world. It’s a program for guys who want to encourage that love in others, and who want to help other users find the resources to be #sporty in their own communities.

Sport Captain will offer other Hornet users valuable information on local sports activities, and will share exercise routines, advice, personal stories and fun videos.

What do you get?

  • Get the Hornet Sport Captain badge
  • Have increased interaction with other users

What do we expect?

  • Share the best moments of your sporting life with millions of Hornet users.
  • Help organize group activities with other LGBTQ people and their allies

What does a Sport Captain post look like?

  • It’s a high-quality photo showing off you and your sports activity
  • Its caption is informative and inspires others to interact with your post
  • It has a hashtag or two to describe what you’re doing
  • It’s exclusive for a Hornet audience
  • It shares your experience, and maybe a tip or trick, too!
  • It’s authentic, friendly, #sporty and supportive!

I want to be a Sport Captain! But How?

All that is needed to become a Hornet Sport Captain is a love of sports and a desire to share your passion with the community. If you’re interested in becoming a Sport Captain (or already a sport organizer outside of Hornet), show off your #sporty side by sharing your sports-related activities on Hornet now, whether it’s team sports like #basketball, #tennis and #football or solo sports like #swimming, #running, #cycling, #yoga and #bodybuilding.

Users interested in joining the Sport Captain program should also familiarize themselves with the Hornet Sport Captain Guidebook here, a guide to making the most of the world's premier gay social network, and apply today!

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