Video Moderator

Community Program


Thank you for taking the initiative to step into the Moderator Community Program, not only for yourself but the benefit of those around you, by helping you make this community safe and fun for the LGBT+ community.

  • Identify violations in the community guidelines and report them, including audio violations
  • Remove videos that are offensive
  • Exclusive access to Hornet staff and video moderators group
  • Make Hornet a safe and fun place for the community
  • Earn points and redeem them in our webshop for rewards such as Honey, a Hornet Premium subscription and many others!
  • Work your way towards a career with Hornet!
To become a Video Moderator you must:
  • be a moderator for at least 3 months
  • Have a device that supports the latest Hornet version to watch the videos
If you fulfill this requirement, you can start your application process now by watching this short video as a general guide to start moderating video content in the App.

Moderators, it’s time to act! Read more
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