The Hornet Economy: Honey and Awards

Hornet has developed an exciting concept known as The Hornet Economy. This is our name for the life cycle of our virtual currency called Honey.

But let’s back up: Why does Hornet need a virtual currency?

For some time now, you have been telling us that you want to reward the awesome content produced by fellow users, and now you can! Show a user how much you like their photos and videos by sending them an Award. Sending an Award not only rewards that user, it’s a great way of getting noticed. And likewise, if you are producing great content yourself, now others can show you some love by sending you Awards. 

How it all works is easy.

The Hornet Economy allows you to make value to the content you produce. 

Let’s break it down into the individual steps:

  • A user purchases Honey from the app store or our web shop at 
  • The user sees an awesome post and rewards it by sending an Award. This 3 click process seamlessly deducts the value of the Award from that user’s Honey balance.
  • The receiver of the Award is automatically credited with Honey, equivalent to the 90% of its original value. 
  • The receiver can then grant this Honey to other content producers. 

Produce consistently awesome content and get rewarded with Awards! All for doing what you are already doing! 

We know you’re super excited and raring to go, but, let’s break this all down a bit more so you’re familiar with every little detail.


Q. What is Honey?

A. Honey is Hornet’s virtual currency.

Q. How do I know how much Honey I have?

A. Your Honey wallet can be found either on your profile page or at the top navigation bar, above video stories. It’s a cute little rainbow hexagon. Simply tap on it and it will open your Honey wallet and show your balance. It is also where you can purchase Honey from. To find the Honey wallet on your profile, just tap on your avatar in the bottom navigation bar and you’ll see the new Honey icon in the bottom-right corner of your profile photo. Tapping this will open your Honey wallet and show your balance.

Q. How do I get Honey?

A. Purchase Honey from our web shop or from the app store. The easiest way is to go into your Honey wallet on your profile and that takes you through the easy steps. You can also add Honey to your wallet when you try to spend your Honey but don’t have enough.

Q. How do I use Honey?

A. Honey can be used to give Awards, a way of showing appreciation for an exceptional Moment, Video or to Streamers you like.

Q. Can I send Honey to another Hornet user?

A. No, Honey can’t be transferred to another Hornet profile, even if that other profile is yours.

Q. Why should I use Honey?

A. Honey is convenient, affordable, and secure. Using Honey to send awards enables you to encourage Hornet members to create more exceptional content and improve the quality of your feed.


Q: What are Awards?

A: Awards are a way of showing appreciation for exceptional content. By sending an Award, you are thanking the guy who posted the content and also helping to highlight great content in the feed to other users.

Q: How do I send an Award?

A: On each Moment in the feed, you’ll find a new Award icon — simply tap that to reveal the collection of awards to choose from. We have created a collection of Awards to express your individuality. Select the Award you wish to send, and tap give.

Q: Can I receive Awards, too?

A: Yes! Anyone who shares content on Hornet is eligible to receive Awards from the community.

Q: I received an Award. Now what?

A: When you receive an Award, your profile will automatically be credited with Honey. The amount of Honey you receive varies depending on the type of award/s you received.

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