Hornet Live Guidelines

We are so excited to introduce Hornet Live, the latest way for our users to connect with each other, now in real-time! But we also want to ensure that Hornet Live remains a clean, safe environment that is open and welcoming to all users.

There are strict guidelines for what is and is not allowed when you go live, and these rules are stricter than what you’ll find elsewhere on Hornet. 

Below is a summary of the types of content that can get you suspended from Hornet Live or removed entirely. Please note that some offenses may result in immediate account deletion, and users with multiple suspensions may face account deletion as well. 

When in doubt, always lean on the side of clean content!

Live Video Guidelines

  • No nudity or hinting at nudity
  • No streaming in underwear or swimwear
  • No hard drugs or any hint of drug-related transactions
  • No promotion of pornographic websites or nude/pornographic content
  • No sexual gestures or positions, even if clothed
  • No close-ups of private parts, even if clothed
  • No sexually suggestive dancing, even if clothed
  • No sex toys
  • No streaming from the shower or bath, even if private parts are not visible
  • No streaming with minors
  • No hate speech or other forms of bullying (no wishing death on anyone, no bashing groups of people in broad terms)
  • No streaming while driving
  • No promoting alternate payment methods or other platforms
  • No promising money or prizes to viewers for contests or giveaways
  • No advertising that private photos will be unlocked in exchange for gifts

Main Profile Photo Guidelines

All of the above guidelines apply to your profile photo when you use Hornet Live, but also:

  • No explicit text
  • No alcohol or drug paraphernalia of any kind
  • No focus on a private part, even if clothed, as the most prominent part of a photo
  • No sticking your tongue out
  • No depictions of violence or gore
  • No topless photos in a bathroom, shower or bath
  • No photos wearing only a towel
  • No photos showing underwear

Profile Username Guidelines

  • No references to private parts or bodily fluids
  • No racial slurs or discriminatory language
  • No sexually suggestive text or emojis
  • No references to illegal activity, incarceration, or prostitution
  • No references to self-harm
  • No threats of violence
  • No references to third-party apps or platforms

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please email hornetlive@hornet.com and we will try to answer as best we can. Thank you for continuing to be the very best community of content creators anywhere!

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