How Can I Report a Bug?

Hey there Hornet beta-testers! Are you also passionate about making Hornet smoother and better app? Then please read following advice how to submit a proper bug report. Users that submit good reports will be rewarded with extra points!

1. Share as much information as possible:

  • Any screenshots and videos
  • Operating system of your device (iOS 10, Android 7 etc.)
  • App version + build number
  • Country where the problem happens
  • Description of the problem with step-by-step instruction on how to replicate the bug
2. Try to upload a screenshot or a video that explains the nature of a bug. If you cannot do that please upload an attachment that shows from where exactly you’re trying to access the broken feature. So imagine you noticed that search by tags inside of Hornet stories doesn’t work. In this case, send a screenshot of that page. Feel free to underline the feature that doesn’t work correctly.
3. In case you notice that some parts of the app are not translated yet you can also report that. It is not a bug and has a lower priority. But will be considered as one and rewarded accordingly. Screenshots are always appreciated.
4. Design issue is not a bug either but something we are constantly working on to improve. On this screenshot you can see that the number of users that follow the story is not visible because the text and the background both are white. Make a screenshot and attach it to your report.

Good luck with hunting bugs and see you on Hornet!

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