How Do I Delete A Chat Conversation?

When you delete a conversation, your chat history with that member will be permanently erased on your side and it won’t be restored if you start chatting to him again.

To delete a conversation, please follow these steps:

On Android:
  • Go to the Chats tab.
  • Open the conversation you want to delete.
  • Tap on the icon “⋮” on the upper-right corner.
  • Select Delete.
On iOS:
  • Go to the Chats tab.
  • Swipe from right to left over the conversation you want to delete.
  • Click on Delete.
On Web:
  • Go to your Chats page.
  • Open the conversation you want to delete.
  • On the chat box’s upper right corner, click on the trash can icon.
  • Confirm.

However, deleting a conversation won’t affect the other member’s side as he’ll continue to have access to messages and photos exchanged with you. If you wish to prevent it, a better option is to block that user.

To block someone on Hornet, please follow these steps:

  • Go to that guy’s profile.
  • Click on the three-dot icon on the upper right corner.
  • Select Block.

This process will hide the chat history for both of you and you’ll no longer have access to each other’s profile.

If you ever decide to unblock him, the conversation will be restored and all contents will become available again. To get more information on how to unblock someone, please review this article.

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