How to keep your account secure

It is common for hackers and scammers to try to get access to your online accounts. Hornet does everything it can to prevent these attacks happening. Security and safety are our main priorities.

Many companies have been hacked and their user data stolen and published on the “dark web”.

One thing we are proud of at Hornet is that our user data has never been compromised!

However, if your bank, supermarket or fitness app was hacked, then your data could be out there on the dark web, being used by scammers. If you regularly use the same password between different accounts, then they could have access to your Hornet account. You can check if your data is on the dark web by going to: hacked. If you find your data has been published on the dark web, then you should immediately change all of your passwords, including your Hornet password.

Hackers are smart folks. They can easily write a computer program that will try tens of thousands of passwords every second. So, if your password is “password” then you will likely get hacked.

The good news is that you have control over this! The one incredibly easy step you can take to stop the hackers is to have a Secure Password! A secure password is one that contains letters, numbers, upper case, lower case and symbols.  A good example of a secure password is:


It contains lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use this password though! This is just an example. Ensure all of your passwords have a varied combination like the one above. Use a password manager such as to remember all your new secure passwords.

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