I have been suspended

We’re sorry to hear that your account was suspended.

There are several reasons why it might have happened, but a general answer is that it was due to violations of our terms of service and/or usage guidelines.

Our moderation team needs to ensure that all profile contents stick with these rules and, unfortunately, it may mean suspensions sometimes.

Suspended users don’t have access to Hornet and will receive an account suspended error message when attempting to log in.

Here are the most common reasons for account suspensions:


The most common reason that we suspend an account is due to its owner being underage or because we have received reports that he is underage.

  • Does your profile contain any information that indicated you were under 18 years of age?
  • Do you look under 18 in your profile photograph?
  • Have you told other users that you are under 18?
  • Has anyone threatened to report you for being under 18?
  • Do you suspect that you have been reported for being under 18?

If any of these questions apply, you must provide us proof of age in the form of a Government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or national identity card. We just need to see your name, date of birth, and the issuing authority of the document. Any other details can be covered.

Commercial Accounts

Another reason that your account may have been suspended is that you have a commercial, business, company, charity, or sexual health outreach profile. Hornet does not allow non-personal profiles.

If you are a charity or health-related outreach program, then please contact us for further options.

Fake Photos

Another reason your account may have been suspended is that the photographs on your profile are not yours. We will only suspend a fake account when there was a real attempt to impersonate another human being or if the real person has requested the profile to be removed.

Please note that we cannot allow a profile that impersonates someone else, and, if that’s the case, your account will remain suspended.

Explicit Photos

We suspend accounts that have been filled with nude or sexually explicit photos.

We only suspend an account for uploading nude photographs after the user has uploaded nude photos on multiple occasions. Warnings are given with every photo rejection and therefore we will not open the profile again.

Offensive/Abusive Profiles

We will suspend an account if we get multiple reports stating that the user has been abusive to others. We will normally give warnings before the suspension, however, we may suspend without warning if the abuse has been severe, and we were given proof of the abuse. Think carefully: could this apply to you?

Maintaining a safe space environment within the app is of paramount importance to Hornet. We take reports of abusive behavior very seriously. In your case, you either received a warning, but did not amend your behavior, or, we received proof of serious abuse. We will not reopen your profile in this case.

If you cannot find a solution in our FAQ, please write to us at feedback@hornet.com. It is important that you include your Account ID so that we can trace your account. Your Account ID is located on your profile, on the top center of the screen, and begins with the “@” symbol.

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