Moment Boost

What is Moment Boost?

Moment Boost is a feature that allows you to show your photo moment to a much bigger audience. The Boost doesn’t have a duration. Your moment will still take place in chronological order in the feed however the radius it will be shown to will be very expanded. Your boosted moment will be marked as “boosted”.

The benefits of Moment Boost

When you boost your moment, we take it to a much bigger audience. That means that your photo and you will receive much more attention than usual. If you live far away from the city center, this feature can especially be useful for you to reach guys in the distance.

When boosting your profile, you get much more exposure in the grid. That means you will receive many more views and chats from other users and will be able to find your match much faster!

If you are an influencer or want to become one, Moment Boost can also be a great feature for you. By boosting your moment, you will definitely receive many more comments, likes, follows, and messages!

How do I purchase Moment Boost?

  1. Share a photo moment (feed photo)
  2. Tap Boost on the bottom right corner under your moment
  3. When redirected to a payment, confirm your payment details

Note: The Boost will only start after your moment passes moderation.

I boosted my moment but nothing happens?

Remember that your moment will only be available to other users after it passes our moderation. We are working hard to achieve the smallest moderation time possible. Your boost will also start as soon as your photo is approved.

I paid for Boost but my moment got rejected by moderation?

If this happens, don’t worry. We will save your boost until next time. Tap to boost your moment and you will see that you have 1 available boost to use. Enjoy!

If you need any help with the feature or want to submit your feedback email us to

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