Profile Boost

What is Profile Boost?

Profile Boost is a feature that allows you to place your profile at the top of the grid for many guys nearby for 1 hour. Your boosted profile will appear for many users of an extended radius just next to them.

After boosting, you will see a timer with Boost duration on your profile page.

The benefits of Profile Boost

When boosting your profile, you get much more exposure in the grid. That means you will receive many more views and chats from other users and will be able to find your match much faster!

To make sure you’re happy about your boost experience we will send you a message with the number of views and chats that you received during your Boost.

How do I purchase Profile Boost?

  1. Open your profile page
  2. Tap the Boost button on your profile
  3. Tap Boost Now
  4. When redirected to a payment, confirm your payment details
  5. Your Boost starts immediately after a successful purchase

The Boost feature is available only in certain cities to both free and paid users.

How do I improve my Boost results?

Not satisfied with your Boost experience? Here are a few tips on how to improve your results!

  1. Boost in busy hours. Remember that the more profiles are online, the better results you will get. That means that the best performance you should receive in evening hours when users are more active online.
  2. Boost in more populated areas. The more profiles around you, the better the results! If you live outside of the city try to boost next time you’re in the city center and you’ll see the difference!
  3. Upload an attractive main profile photo. Remember that other users observe your profile in the grid by your main photo. Make a good choice!
  4. We do not recommend changing your profile photo right before Boost. Remember that Hornet has moderation and a freshly uploaded photo first needs to pass moderation. So give it some time after upload!

Do other users know that I boosted my profile?

There’s no indication for other users that you have boosted your profile except for the distance on your profile. If you want to keep your boost completely incognito, you need to hide the distance information in your profile. To do this, go to Profile Settings/Privacy, then turn off the toggle for “Show Distance”.

If you need any help with this feature or want to submit your feedback email us to

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