Single Feature Purchases

Don’t want to purchase Hornet Premium? Monthly Premium is too expensive and you don’t need it? Hornet now allows you to purchase individual Premium Hornet features just one by one so you can choose the ones you need!

Note: In different regions, there can be different availability of the features. We are still testing single feature purchases.

How do I purchase Hornet features?

  1. Tap on the feature you want to purchase in one of the many entry points in the app
  2. Confirm purchase on a semi modal screen.
  3. When redirected to a payment, confirm your payment details
  4. You should receive your feature as soon as we process the payment

The list of premium features accessible for purchases:

  1. Profile views: See who visits your profile.
  2. Unlimited guys: Unlock the grid and get access to an unlimited number of guys.
  3. Message delete: Delete an unlimited number of messages.
  4. No ads: Remove all ads in the app
  5. Read receipts: See when he reads your messages

If you have any issues purchasing single features, feel free to contact us at

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