The app crashes a lot on my Android device

Oh, no! We’re sorry to hear that you’re experiencing crashes on your Android.

With thousands of device models made available over the last decade, we may be faced with issues that are not so easy to handle – especially with old Androids.

If you’re experiencing a lot of crashes, it’s most likely related to a memory issue on your phone as old and/or temporary files can end up slowing down your device and app performances.

In such cases, we strongly advise you to clear both Hornet’s and your device’s cache.

To clear Hornet’s data and cache, please follow these steps:

  • Open your phone’s Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Select All apps or, depending on your device, Manage apps
  • Select Hornet and then Storage
  • Tap Force stop or, depending on your device, Clear data
  • Choose both Clear cache and Clear all data options
  • Confirm

Then, in order to clear your device’s cache, you can either use the instructions above with all other apps available to you on the third step or use a cleaner app of your preference.

If this does not help, please contact us by writing to Please include the following information in your message:

  • When do the crashes occur?
  • What’s your phone model?
  • What’s your Android version?
  • What’s your Hornet version?

We’ll do our best to help you!

Unfortunately, the only solution for some older Android devices is to upgrade to a newer one. 🙁

If you cannot find a solution in our FAQ, please write to us at It is important that you include your Account ID so that we can trace your account. Your Account ID is located on your profile, on the top center of the screen, and begins with the “@” symbol.

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