What features are available to hosts?

You can live stream everything from your daily skincare routine to social-impact topics on Hornet. To enhance your live stream, you can use any option from the footer menu:

  • NextDate. Get to know people that like you with this game. You can accept and decline dates, choose how long it lasts, and other settings. Whenever you match someone else, a 1-on-1 video chat will be unlocked for you both, and you will be added to each other’s Date tab for a limited time.
  • Battles. Stream along with other users for a limited time, and battle them for Awards. Whoever earns more is the winner!
  • Choose a Guest. If someone requests to guest appear on your live stream, you can approve them here.
  • Addons. You can shine even more by touching up your looks, adding gesture animations, backgrounds, and masks.
  • Camera Swipe. You can swipe back-and-forth from your back camera to your frontal camera.
  • Settings. You can use this option to allow/disallow audio notifications whenever you receive an award, allow/disallow people to heart your stream, mirror your camera, or merge chats whenever you start a battle.
  • Streamer Rank and Leaderboards. You can check now live’s, today’s, this week’s, and all-time’s stream leaderboards. The more you go live, the better the spots you can get!
  • Send Blast. You can send a message to your followers, so they can know that you’re live.
  • Edit Description. You can change your live stream’s description and/or hashtags whenever you want.
  • Mute. If you need to mute your mic, we got you covered!

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