Why are ads automatically redirecting me to App Store/Play Store?

No ads should take you to another website, including App Store or Play Store unless you click on it. If you had such an experience on Hornet, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

These ads are what we call rogue ads.

They’re not authorized by us and should not be on Hornet. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to report any rogue ad to us so that our team can locate them and prevent them from showing up again.

When reporting a rogue ad, please let us know of these pieces of information along with a screenshot or video recording of that ad:

  • What’s the URL to which you’re being redirected to?
  • Is your device Android or iOS?
  • In what country are you currently?

If you cannot find a solution in our FAQ, please write to us at feedback@hornet.com. It is important that you include your Account ID so that we can trace your account. Your Account ID is located on your profile, on the top center of the screen, and begins with the “@” symbol.

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