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VIDEO: You’ll Love This Animated Musical Message to a Closeted Lesbian

While Swedish musician Jens Lekman’s song “A Postcard to Nina” is a love song about a lesbian, but it’s not a lesbian love song. Instead, it’s a platonic love song to his friend Nina, a closeted lesbian living in Berlin who can’t bring herself to come out to her father. Over an awkward dinner, Nina passes Jens off as her boyfriend, leaving him to squirm as her dad asks how they met and their future plans together.

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Though Lekman released his song in 2007, animator Nathan Heigert didn’t publish his animated video for it until 2013; it was worth the wait though. His animation really captures the song’s endearing spirit behind its awkward situation. In the end, Lekman doesn’t shame his friend for being closeted, rather he encourages her in a postcard, and his message is worth hearing, especially for anyone who has been there.