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‘Drag Race Thailand’ Winner Angele Anang Is Heading to NYC for World Pride 2019

While Angele Anang’s reign has allowed her to share a message of love and inclusivity with Asia, this month she will reach an all-new audience, America.

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This 52-Year-Old Hunk Will Leave You in a Pool of Your Own Drool

According to the website, Mothership, and researches from another Chinese site, ChuanDo is fifty years old. If ChunDo is fifty years old, we applaud his discipline on taking great care of himself

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Hey, Young Boys Can Like Disney Princesses, Too, as This Brazilian Illustrator’s Work Depicts

A series of illustrations by Marciano Palácio depicts Disney princesses meeting little boy fans, and the images offer a powerful message

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20 Vintage Pics of Men, Snapped Before Guys Were Worried About Appearing Gay

An internet historian has located these images of men showing physical affection without worry

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The Corporatization of Pride: Why ‘Putting a Rainbow Flag On It’ Isn’t Enough

We need to take a deep dive into what the corporatization of Pride actually means for our community. Is it beneficial or exploitative?

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13 Classic Disney Characters Who Were Probably Gay

Before live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ before ‘Star vs. The Forces of Evil,’ there were a lot of gay Disney characters barely in the celluloid closet

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Read This Heartbreaking Gay World War II Soldier’s Love Letter

Here’s a love letter written by a gay World War II soldier to his partner. The men met in Africa in 1943.

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Hey Guys, It’s Time to Get Your Body Hair Ready for Summer

Summer is almost here, which in gay culture often translates to a season of pool parties, Pride festivals, block parties, vacations in tropical locations, thirsty Instagram posts and even thirstier dating profile pics. Yes, in summer, all activities tend to lean into shirts coming off and shorts getting shorter. And[…]

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5 Gay Board Games You Need, From Leather Daddy Monopoly to Queer Trivia

If you’re looking for gay board games to add to your collection, we’ve got your back — here’s our list of five games from yesterday and today

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The Strange Tale of Leo Koury, ‘Godfather of the Gay Community’ in Richmond, Virginia

Leo Koury spent the longer than any current criminal on the FBI’s Most Wanted list — but the former gay bar monopoly holder’s final years were surprising

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