7 Films We Can’t Wait to Watch During the Frameline48 Streaming Session

7 Films We Can’t Wait to Watch During the Frameline48 Streaming Session

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The Frameline48 Film Festival is already underway all around the Bay Area, showcasing the latest and greatest in LGBTQ+ cinema. But for those who are unable to make the trip out to San Francisco, many of the queer films being shown at the festival can now be viewed through the Frameline48 streaming session.

‘Frameline48 at Home’ runs from June 24-30, where streaming passes are available, granting viewers access to all of the streaming films. Alternatively, encore tickets can be purchased to view individual films, so you can spend the final days of Pride month celebrating queer voices. We’ve rounded up a few of our most anticipated films to give you just a taste of these diverse LGBTQ+ stories.

Here are seven films that we can’t wait to watch during the Frameline48 Streaming Session:

Brooklynite Troy finds himself torn between the allure of a new love with his neighbor and the possibility of rekindling romance with his ex-boyfriend, all while navigating the complexities (and anxieties) of millennial life.

Desire Lines

This intimate doc-fiction hybrid explores the transmasculine desire for cisgender gay men, following an Iranian-American trans man, Ahmad, as he travels back and forth in time and traverses his desires, from gay bathhouses of the past to modern queer archives.

Fallen Fruit

After a devastating breakup in New York City, Alex returns to his hometown of Miami as he works towards self-discovery and surviving the hell of early adulthood.

The Herricanes

A spirited documentary that tells the story of the Houston Herricanes, one of the pioneering teams in the first women’s full tackle football league in the 1970s, and their lasting legacy in women’s sports.

A House is Not a Disco

This documentary delves into the vibrant community of Fire Island Pines, showcasing its residents’ joy, conflicts, and environmental challenges as they navigate the intersection of tradition and modernity in this iconic gay haven.

The Queen of My Dreams

The Queen of My Dreams follows queer Muslim grad student Azra, who returns to Pakistan after her father’s death, rekindling memories of her childhood and forging a new connection with her religious mother.

The Summer with Carmen

A fun, sexy, and “relentlessly horny” comedy that follows twink-y actor Nikitas and his friend Demos as they attempt to write a screenplay on a nude beach in Greece, reminiscing about their chaotic love lives.

Which films are you most excited to see at the Frameline48 streaming session? Let us know!

For more information on streaming passes and to explore the full lineup of films, visit Frameline’s official website.