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The gay TV landscape has drastically changed in recent times, and for years now there have been TV series offering audiences a complex, nuanced portrait of what it means to be LGBTQ in the modern world. Streaming services have made an unlimited number of TV series available to the masses, and binge-watching just-released content is a favorite pastime of many of us. Sometimes painfully realistic and at other times hilarious, gay TV series are an important step towards equality for all, as they provide invaluable visibility and representation. And with the movie industry often not fairing well in its depiction of the LGBTQ community, gay TV is often the only place to turn for sophisticated stories about our community. These days, the amount of content available online and on TV is staggering. Let us help you pare things down, whatever interests you in the realm of gay TV. We've got the lowdown on everything gay coming to a TV or streaming service near you.
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DC Comics Says Batman Does Not Perform Oral. Sorry, Catwoman

Die-hard Batman and Catwoman fans might be disappointed to learn that Bruce Wayne is not all that great in bed. Allegedly. Where do we even begin with this? Joe Otterson published an article in Variety about the recent trend of shows that subvert the superhero genre (think the Harley Quinn[…]

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Here Are 13 of the Naughtiest ‘Big Brother’ Nude Scenes From Around the World

‘Big Brother’ is a popular show about strategy and competitions, but it’s also about bringing a bunch of hot dudes together who often end up naked

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Shaping Queer History, One Scene at a Time: 32 LGBTQ Television Moments That Broke Barriers

While we often think of LGBTQ characters on TV as a more modern phenomenon, our list of gay TV moments goes back to the 1970s

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Get Ready for He-Man’s Latest Incarnation, Coming to Netflix (Photos)

The defender of Greyskull is back, this time in a new Netflix He-Man TV series, and he’s better than ever. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a new animated series set after the events of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and it will be released in two parts[…]

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