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Do you consider yourself a die-hard lover of gay books and LGBTQ authors? Then check out our coverage of what’s happening in the world of queer literature. Despite society’s dwindling attention span, books remain a powerful force when it comes to modern storytelling. They give us a chance to see the world with a new perspective, and they give aspiring LGBTQ writers and authors the chance to express themselves. Gay books also give audiences access to new content that falls outside of what’s considered "mainstream." Some of your favorite books are probably filled with gay themes and characters, which in addition to making them great reads, is also a great way to ensure our community's visibility and representation. Whether you’re into trashy romance novels or heartfelt personal stories about what it’s like to be queer, there are gay books out there for you. Now dive into a pile of them and let us know your favorite.
Did You Know Childhood Classic ‘Goodnight Moon’ Was Inspired by a Stormy Same-Sex Romance?

A tumultuous relationship between two women was actually the inspiration behind the beloved classic children’s book

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As a Young Man, Bram Stoker Wrote a ‘Love Letter’ to His Queer Literary Idol, Walt Whitman

One letter in particular has some scholars assuming that Stoker may have had a crush on the queer literary icon

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You Need to See These Ridiculously Trashy Gay Pulp Novels

The ’60s was a wild time of free love, drugs … and really hilarious covers on gay pulp novels

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Read These Trans-Inclusive Fantasy Books to Help Get Over J.K. Rowling Ruining Our Childhoods

We’ve rounded up 7 trans-inclusive fantasy books that highlight queer people, several of which were written by trans authors.

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