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Would the modern world exist without the internet? Probably not. If something happens that affects the LGBTQ community and it doesn’t get posted to the gay web, did it really happen? The web seems to control nearly every aspect of our lives: how we get around, how we get laid, how we interact with friends, family and strangers alike. It's one of the most powerful resources mankind has ever harnessed. The LGBTQ community is no stranger to the wild, wonderful worldwide web. For us in particular, the gay web and app culture has made it easier for us to find and connect with other members of our community. Here is where we compile the latest and greatest (and cringe-worthy worst) of the gay web, from which gay celebrities are feuding over Twitter to the latest social media platform snatching the attention of the LGBTQ community. What are gay guys up in arms about over on Reddit today? Here you'll find all that and more.
There’s Even More to the Saga of Straight Men Refusing to Wipe Their Butts Because They Think It’s Too Gay

We just heard a hilariously disgusting tale about a woman whose husband is so afraid of being gay that he’s against wiping butts, particularly his own

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Today’s Most Important Question: Can You Spot the Hidden Dildos In All of These Photos?

If you grew up with ‘Where’s Waldo?’ books and find yourself missing those books, this Instagram account will quench that thirst

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This New Six-Part Webseries Documents Andrea Mares’s Yearlong Transition Journey

This month, Buzzfeed is presenting The Andrea Mares Project, a six-part docuseries documenting Andrea Mares, a trans-feminine Latinx, as she goes on her transition journey. Andrea Mares’s story takes you through a year of her life and her transition. It examines the intersections of her various identities — as Latinx[…]

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Social Media Censorship Is Costing Sex Workers and Adult Influencers Big Money

Are sex workers being unfairly targeted by tech companies? Here’s how social media censorship affects adult industry influencers. According to a Centro University study, social media censorship is costing sex workers hundreds of millions of dollars a year. A survey sent out to adult industry influencers back in February revealed[…]

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