‘Tinted With You’ Is the Bite-Sized BL Web Drama We’re Loving Right Now

‘Tinted With You’ Is the Bite-Sized BL Web Drama We’re Loving Right Now

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Sometimes getting through hour-long episodes of new shows — even our favorite shows — can be a challenge, especially when you really want to watch something. Our solution for that? Web dramas. Episodes are often short, which allow them to hold your attention easily when it seems like your attention span is shrinking. One BL web drama that has kept our attention is Tinted With You.

A Viki original, the BL web drama Tinted With You has everything you could want out of a drama — a deposed Crown Prince, family drama by way of a cruel older brother usurping a throne, a time slip into the Joseon dynasty and a gay romance — all packed into 8 total sub 15-minute episodes.

Eun Ho (played by K-Pop group A.C.E’s leader Park Jun Hee) a High School student who loves painting, magically gets pulled into the past through the painting that he is tasked to finish for a commission. He meets the exiled Crown Prince Lee Heon (Yoo Hyun Woo) and the two of them cultivate a tender and romantic bond. Eunho’s appearance breathes new life into the exiled prince, who up until then only had his bodyguard Guem (Kim Tae Jung) by his side to keep him safe.

As Eun Ho and Lee Heon grow closer, Lee Heon’s life is continuously threatened by his brother, the acting King, who aims to do whatever he can in order to hold onto his acquired throne. As the days pass, Eun Ho wrestles with his internal conflict between wanting to return to the present and wanting to protect Lee Heon, especially as he realizes that he may be the only person able to keep him safe and alive.

Episode 7 and 8 will be released for Viki subscribers on January 13th and January 14th. With just these two episodes left, we’re excited to see how this web drama is going to wrap up.

Will you be checking out the BL web drama Tinted With You?

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