Anti-Gay Leader’s Wife Leaves Him For Her Lesbian Partner

Anti-Gay Leader’s Wife Leaves Him For Her Lesbian Partner

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Though this is an older story, we simply had to share.

Jonathan Saenz is a bad man. The has compared same-sex marriage to incest, supports psychologically harmful “conversion therapy” for LGBT kids, helped overturn transgender protection laws in Houston and is currently tweeting against the Obama administration’s directive telling schools to allow trans students correct restroom access.

But in 2011, just six months before he became president of Texas Values, the state’s leading anti-gay group, Saenz’s wife Corrine filed divorce papers to leave him for another woman. Oh, karma, you sweet lovely devil you.

Unsurprisingly, Seanz was a real dick about it. During the divorce proceedings, he accused his wife of adultery, he tried to bar her girlfriend from the courtroom (he failed), he tried to jail his wife for refusing to undergo a $2,500 psychological screening (he failed there too  after she agreed to the screening) and he also tried to forbid his wife’s partner from ever seeing her children (yet again, fail).

Luckily, Corrine and he finally separated through a mediation process. We just hope their kids don’t inherit dad’s bad temper and queerphobia, yeesh.

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